Result Refiners with Hit Counts

This 60 second video introduces Ontolica's new result refiners with hit counts, and demonstrates how they work.

Ontolica Enterprise Search

Brief introduction to the search solution for SharePoint that lets you easily customize the search experience, utilize metadata and create audience targeted search user interfaces.

Ontolica Search Preview

See how document preview in search results dramatically improves the search experience and effectively lets end-users identify and explore the best document in the first attempt.

500 formats

This brief video displays how Ontolica Preview lets you ignore document formats and focus on document content.

Ontolica Library Preview

See how users now can read and analyze documents in SharePoint document libraries without having to download them. A new visual search driven interface to document libraries.

Related Queries

This video shows how Ontolica's related queries, similar search terms and did-you-mean functionality leverage user behavior to improve the search experience in SharePoint.

Hit Highlighting and Relevant Pages

This brief video shows how Ontolica Preview provides Hit Highlighting and Relevant Pages directly in the SharePoint result list.

Ontolica FAST Management

FAST for SharePoint is an incredibly versatile enterprise search platform. Get more out of your FAST solution and easily manage FAST directly from within SharePoint Central Administration.

Search As You Type

Available on Ontolica 2010, Result Refiners with Hit Counts allow users to intuitively navigate their search results, starting with general terms and clicking through metadata to quickly find what they are looking for.

Document Preview Feature Highlight

Available on Ontolica Search Preview, the ability to intuitively view thumbnails and full size versions of document pages, as well as browse the content of documents directly from within the search result list unlocks entirely new ways of searching in SharePoint.