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Ontolica Preview Brochure


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Preview Compliance Tool for 64bit SharePoint 2007 and 2010
Preview Compliance Tool for 32bit SharePoint 2007

Tool features are as followed.

  1. Access to Search Service Applications / Shared Service Providers.
  2. Counts how many items of each file type that is contained in the Search Index, with a written guideline to minimum system requirements.
  3. Ability to log on with the account used to fetch documents.
  4. Preview database requirements
  5. Reports the number of Web Front End Servers and Farm ID

Ontolica Free result Action Web Part
This free result action web part adds four of the most commonly used document action menus to SharePoint search results. The updated Core Search Results Web Part adds a drop down menu similar to that found in SharePoint document libraries.

Ontolica Information Tool
This simple application provides a report about your SharePoint farm, useful for determining how many Web application servers you have active as well as retrieving your Farm ID.

Ontolica License Administration Tool
The tool gives an overview of all Ontolica license files that exist in the SharePoint farm. It supports uploading, deleting and activating licenses. It is recommended to use this tool after upgrading from Ontolica 3.x, to remove old licenses that are not otherwise accessible through the Manage Ontolica Licenses page in Central Administration.