NATIVE SHAREPOINT 2013: SharePoint setups are complex and can encompass content from multiple sources – older versions of SharePoint, internal databases, cloud storage, file shares etc. These content sources are a challenge for the native SP2013, as these sources are not supported by the preview functionality.

ONTOLICA PREVIEW: With Ontolica you can Preview indexed content, from anywhere including File Shares or any other external content sources.


NATIVE SHAREPOINT 2013: Provides limited Previews of a numerous file formats.

ONTOLICA PREVIEW: Ontolica supports over 500 different documents and file formats, such as widely adopted AutoCAD or InDesign, making it the most comprehensive file format platfrom available. With Ontolica, content previews are quickly available to view, scale, and print without native client applications.


ONTOLICA PREVIEW offers a number of features you will be without in Native SharePoint 2013, such as: InDocument search, Search query highlights, that are Fast and responsive with pre-cashed previews. Also, there is no need for plug-ins for mobile support.