Online Store - No Volume limit!

  • Extremely Fast!

    - Up to 12GB/hour to Office 365

    - No farm install (100% Client-Side)

  • Know Upfront How Long the Transfer Will Take

  • File & Metadata Report Before the File Transfer

    - See how files will be tagged with metadata

    - List file actions: Copy/Move/Delete/Ignore (with reason why)

    - Have customer sign the report before the file migration takes place

  • External Database Access & 2-Way Scheduled Transfers

    Live audit with running “Time-to-complete” estimate and file detail reporting.
    Follow job progress and get documentation for what files go where and how metadata is tagged.

    Rich functionality to dynamically calculate metadata and Term Store tags.
    Use any file property, SP Term Store or record from SQL databases to apply valuable document metadata.

    Synchronize files (conditionally) between SharePoint sites and/or File Shares.
    Set parameterized file selection criteria to conditionally replicate files.

    Batch Server included to run scheduled jobs with full audit and monitoring.
    Installs as a “Windows Service” and runs securely and unattended on its own account.

    Supports: File Shares, Office365, SP2013, SP2010, SP2007, SQL databases (external metadata).

    API to run PowerShell or any .exe individually per file.

    Create PDF’s while copying documents and add a watermark.

    Video Tutorials

    Migrate File Shares to SP (incl. folders).

    Flat File Share Migration to SP (folders as metadata).

    Copy files from SharePoint to SharePoint (incl. folders).

    Install Ontolica Fusion. No Farm Install, runs on any PC/Server!

    Synchronize Your Files Using Ontolica Fusion

    How to Schedule an Ongoing Batch Synchronization

    How to Configure the Fusion Batch Server to Run as a Windows Service

    How to Selectively Delete Documents with Ontolica Fusion