SurfRay reveals new branding at European SharePoint conference

Copenhagen, Denmark and Santa Clara, USA  – February 4, 2013 – SurfRay, the leading provider of integration, search and visualization solutions software to provide productive information access for end-users in Microsoft SharePoint shows off a new branding around the theme of “Connecting the Enterprise Around SharePoint” at the largest European SharePoint trade show in 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The vision behind the theme “Connecting the Enterprise around SharePoint”, includes:

- SharePoint is becoming the central hub where users predominantly work with critical business information. Consequently they want content and data from across the enterprise accessible within SharePoint.
- Search Based Applications in SharePoint are business dashboards that drive intelligent decision making and action in business critical projects, teams, and processes
- Integrating the enterprise information and making easily accessible in SharePoint dramatically increases ROI on the investments already made in SharePoint.