SurfRay launches Ontolica Fusion, a new revolutionary product line for enable SharePoint integration and migration.

Copenhagen, Denmark and Santa Clara, USA – January 8, 2013 – SurfRay, the leading provider of integration, search and visualization solutions software to provide productive information access for end-users in Microsoft SharePoint have released Ontolica Fusion, a new product line to enable enterprise class SharePoint integration and migration.

Ontolica Fusion is a new breed of integration software for SharePoint. Many organizations have realized that the integration of SharePoint with other enterprise systems is paramount to truly empower individual users as well as project teams. SharePoint is increasingly a business critical platform and central hub for end-users work life. Many organizations have realized that to truly empower individual users and project team’s integration of SharePoint with other enterprise systems is critical. SharePoint is steadily becoming a business critical platform and a central hub for end-users work life. Ontolica Fusion is an enterprise class platform for bi-directional integration of all enterprise information repositories with SharePoint.

Overview of Ontolica Fusion functionality:

·        Synchronize with file share and legacy CMS
Often documents are stored on file shares as well as within SharePoint which in can lead to content silos that prevent end-users from getting to the information they need. Ontolica Fusion enables users to easily connect SharePoint to any number of file shares. With advanced synchronization, it is even possible to bi-directionally update a document that is stored in multiple places.  This feature becomes especially useful when integrating SharePoint with legacy CMS such as Lotus Notes.

·        Synchronize with LOB systems & databases

Fluent integration of business data from line of business systems enable connected business processes and avoid forcing users to jump between disconnected systems. With Ontolica Fusion integration of line-of-business systems with SharePoint becomes easy, secure, and scalable. Administrators are able to use the visual mapping feature to navigate to any data model. The Web Services plug- in interface, or native database drivers, can also be leveraged to connect to LOB data and define destinations in any Document Library or List.

·        Migrate content to SharePoint 2013
SharePoint migration project are rarely simple. Even as Microsoft has greatly improved migration functionality in SP2013 most migrations requires that the old deployment stays in production from a period of time. Also often content and sites needs to get restructured during migration. Ontolica Fusion is the ideal tool to migrate to SP2013. With the ability to keep content synchronized across multiple SharePoint Farms and to move and copy content in batches, Fusion significantly eases the pain of migrating.

·        Enrich metadata to improve findability
To improve and enrich meta data associated with content in SharePoint makes the native search index capable of providing more relevant information quicker to end-users. Ontolica Fusion provides unique capabilities for creating and updating metadata in SharePoint.  It is able to read document references in SharePoint and performs look-up in external databases to match relevant metadata. This allows users to create and update relevant metadata fields within SharePoint

·        Master Data Management solution for SharePoint
When integrating data from multiple different sources its often necessary to transform and combine the data to make sense for business users. For example creating a “single-view” of customers often requires information from multiple systems like CRM, ERP and Finance systems. With Ontolica Fusion it is easy to create a dynamic master representation of the data that needs to be integrated into SharePoint. Fusion can run conditional data cleansing, and rules based transformation against the data during the import process. After transformation, data can also be exported automatically into SharePoint or can be staged in the Master Data Store as needed.

·        Native integration to Oracle, DB2, Sybase and MS SQL beyond basic BCS integration
To connect SQL data bases to SharePoint in real life scenarios are not a trivial task. Especially when the its non-Microsoft data bases. In addition, Ontolica Fusion provides integration with optimized native database drivers to Oracle, DB2, Sybase, and MS SQL for advanced and scalable business and meta data integration.

·        Mass create, update, copy, move, and delete content in batches
To make large scale changes to content in SharePoint can be a challenge and to manipulate thousands or millions of documents or list items across one or more SharePoint Farms are often quite time consuming. Ontolica Fusion enables mass batch changes, as well as the ability to move and copy content across the same or multiple farms. This functionality is supported by multi-tasking and automatic throttling against SharePoint APIs.

·        High performance integration with multi-tasking
Native SharePoint is architected to limit throughput against their Web Service interfaces which can be a challenge when creating or restructuring content on a relative large scale. With Ontolica Fusion high performance in content operations are supported by multi-tasking which enables configurable number of parallel transfer sessions for maximum possible throughput.

·        Enterprise class audit trails and alerting
Integration of business information is typically critical to end-users who use the information to make business decisions. Ontolica Fusion delivers robust transaction level logging in an extensive audit trail for monitoring of all integration jobs across all source systems. The audit trail is “smart” to automatically structure integration job hierarchically based on source for easy browsing of even very large log files. Automatic alerts can be setup based on rules triggered for example on types, thresholds or numbers of errors or warnings. 

·        Unlimited batch scheduling of integration jobs
The timing of integration jobs can be important to keep information fresh and up to date. With a Batch Service Ontolica Fusion enables flexible scheduling of an unlimited number of jobs to be run in batch. Integration job can run with any frequency and scheduling can be based on simple time intervals as well as on dynamic rules where next run can be based on integration results from the current job.  The Batch Service can optionally run on separate servers for separation and scalability.

·        Full development sandbox and separate production environment
To implement enterprise integration often requires careful testing before deployment which can be challenging and resource demanding in order to reflect realistic production environments. Ontolica Fusion includes respectively development, test and production environments with ability to transparently move integration jobs between environments. Integration jobs are self-contained with all configuration data making it easy to promote jobs into production.

·        No coding and no Farm installed software
Ontolica Fusion is designed with easy and quick implementation in mind requiring no installation on the SharePoint Farm. Further to get started integrating enterprise data and content with SharePoint no programming is required as all connection setup and configuration are managed in a GUI based administration interface.