Leverage the Power of Search Based Applications with SharePoint
Leverage the Power of Search Based Applications with SharePoint

LIGHTNING FAST Ontolica Fusion 1.70 released.

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I am just so PROUD to announce that we are ready with the fastest client-side product available for migrating and synchronizing files to/from SharePoint & Office 365.

I had to prove just that fact to a large potential customer 3 weeks ago, and to be honest, I was a bit nervous !!

Here comes the cold performance facts!

  • Copy files form a local file share to a standard Office 365 Document Library
  • 1000 files, 90 folders, volume:550 MB
  • Set the Created & Modified file properties

O365 speed: 8-12 GB/h

(the numbers speaks for themselves! )

When using SharePoint 2010/2013 on-premises, the relative speed ratio is the same. However the actual GB throughput, depends heavily on the performance of the in-house SharePoint server.

Watch this video to se just how easy it is..


Other goodies:

  • Now the “File Transport” component can make performance prognosis on the fly while you select/deselect files. Fusion calculates the estimated time to complete, without having to run the job. In addition, you can change your mind and choose to run the selected files in “test-mode” where all reports are created and fresh statistics are collected.  .. Nice right?
  • The Job-log has been multitasking enabled. It is “auto scrolling” and giving you a very detailed live information feed on job progress.
  • New licensing model that makes it easy and painless to subscribe to the software for the period the project you are involved in needs. In addition, the trial conditions are changed, giving you 10GB of FREE data to migrate/sync. Then you can feel the performance and make the right decision based on facts!


How to get it:

  • If you already have a licensed version of Fusion installed then just go to the “Help” menu and select “Check for updates
  • If your have an expired trial version installed, then get a new trial version here and just install it on top of your existing one. The 10GB of FREE data is automatically be made available to you + all your existing settings and components are preserved.


Useful links:


Those were the “FAST words” from me ..  If you feel for it, i am more than happy to “engage” show, prove and talk about what really matters    Performance = save time!     :-)

Please feel free to email me directly   stj@surfray.com 


Best regards / Med venlig hilsen,

Steen Jakobsen
Fusion Principal Architect