Leverage the Power of Search Based Applications with SharePoint
Leverage the Power of Search Based Applications with SharePoint

LIGHTNING FAST Ontolica Fusion 1.70 released.

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I am just so PROUD to announce that we are ready with the fastest client-side product available for migrating and synchronizing files to/from SharePoint & Office 365.

I had to prove just that fact to a large potential customer 3 weeks ago, and to be honest, I was a bit nervous !!

Here comes the cold performance facts!

  • Copy files form a local file share to a standard Office 365 Document Library
  • 1000 files, 90 folders, volume:550 MB
  • Set the Created & Modified file properties

O365 speed: 8-12 GB/h

(the numbers speaks for themselves! )

When using SharePoint 2010/2013 on-premises, the relative speed ratio is the same. However the actual GB throughput, depends heavily on the performance of the in-house SharePoint server.

Watch this video to se just how easy it is..


Other goodies:

  • Now the “File Transport” component can make performance prognosis on the fly while you select/deselect files. Fusion calculates the estimated time to complete, without having to run the job. In addition, you can change your mind and choose to run the selected files in “test-mode” where all reports are created and fresh statistics are collected.  .. Nice right?
  • The Job-log has been multitasking enabled. It is “auto scrolling” and giving you a very detailed live information feed on job progress.
  • New licensing model that makes it easy and painless to subscribe to the software for the period the project you are involved in needs. In addition, the trial conditions are changed, giving you 10GB of FREE data to migrate/sync. Then you can feel the performance and make the right decision based on facts!


How to get it:

  • If you already have a licensed version of Fusion installed then just go to the “Help” menu and select “Check for updates
  • If your have an expired trial version installed, then get a new trial version here and just install it on top of your existing one. The 10GB of FREE data is automatically be made available to you + all your existing settings and components are preserved.


Useful links:


Those were the “FAST words” from me ..  If you feel for it, i am more than happy to “engage” show, prove and talk about what really matters    Performance = save time!     :-)

Please feel free to email me directly   stj@surfray.com 


Best regards / Med venlig hilsen,

Steen Jakobsen
Fusion Principal Architect








SurfRay looks towards Africa

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Surfray looks towards Africa


SurfRay is attempting to take its next big step and take their products to Africa. Africa is an emerging market, specifically Ghana and Nigeria, and has shown to have high interest in Ontolica products.


Ghana is home to roughly 25 million people and has a percentage of business people whom speak English, making it a perfect area to strike first.


Nigeria is home to roughly 125 million people and has a large percentage of business people whom speak English, albeit not quite as high as Ghana, making it the next step after Ghana.

SurfRay is extremely excited to be opening new doors and broadening our horizons, and Africa is a perfect place to hit the ground running. Expect to have the first partners active with support and customers by Q3 of 2014.

Support from your committed Fusion Team :-)

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SoftwareQualityLevel=High!  FeatureRichnessLevel=High!  FusionTeamEnthusiasmLevel=ExtremelyHigh!

Support: Its all about the people and the team spirit behind the product. We are totally committed and I realy do hope that you all feel it?




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What can Preview do for you?


Many of you may be wondering, why you need to mess with Microsoft’s out of the box SharePoint software. Well I am here to give you 5 definite reasons why, and they all happen to be Ontolica Preview.


So now you are wondering, what is Preview, and why does this guy think its necessary to spend the time installing a new software? You may also be thinking that this software could not possibly be that beneficial for my company and I. Well guess what… you’re wrong! Preview is the gold standard in document preview softwares for SharePoint.


These are 5 reasons that Ontolica Preview will change the way you look at SharePoint, and trust me when I say this, you will never ever ever look at SharePoint the same again.


SPC 2014 .. things are moving fast ..

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Loooong time no see..

I have just been to Las Vegas at SPC 2014 to give the competition a wakeup call :-)

Just about everyone I spoke to had an urgent need for Fusion! To be honest – I was a bit nervous, as to how people would react to the new product.. BUT NO NEED !! ;-)

So.. has Fusion changed since my last update .. ???    YES – indeed it has!  …



Ontolica Fusion .. 2007 all the way to 2010, 2013, 365..

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Things are moving fast :-)  It’s Friday morning just before take-off for “Val Thorens”

I just want to share with you that I have added “Read Only” support for

SharePoint 2007 in version 1.05 – released today.

This enables you to copy documents and list items from 2007 to 2010, 2013 or Office 365.



Ontolica Fusion 1.04 (3 weeks later)

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Wow .. what a launch.. It has been a couple of very very busy weeks with lots of feedback from the very enthusiastic “SharePointers” who has taken my rather bold vision seriously (“The new standard..”)

.. Big smile!

So we have implemented quite a few enhancements in version 1.04 and will continue to do so with full speed.



Ontolica Fusion 1.0 – Released

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Defining new $199 standard for

File & Data synchronization with SharePoint.


So .. what does it mean to “Define a new standard” ..?

Well I personally believe it is all about making something

simple and useful that everyone wants to use as his or her first choice.


This is what “Ontolica Fusion” is -  No more no less ;-)



SharePoint 2013 Document Preview Special (Video)

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Join us today to take a look at Document preview out of the box with SharePoint 2013,  and also how you can extend the capabilities of document preview with our product Ontolica Search Preview!

This short video is part of a 12 video series produced by our good friends over at ImageFast! Enjoy! (more…)

preview screen shot

Top 5 reasons why you may need to upgrade document preview in SharePoint 2013

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With SharePoint 2013 we saw Microsoft take the first real steps into content visualization enabling the ability to preview files and documents directly in the SharePoint user interface without having to download anything to the client.

The value proposition for content preview in SharePoint is quite clear and visually very compelling. It’s clearly adds significant end-user productivity especially when combined with search technology. However we talking to a number of SharePoint professionals and end-users that highlight a number of deficiencies of the native SharePoint 2013 preview functionality.